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Every Child Counts

Heard about the “Every Child Counts” lobby and awareness group the other day on the radio. They are made up of various organizations and individuals that seek to raise the awareness of issues relating to children in the run up to the general election and to influence the policies of the political parties.

On it says,

What is Every Child Counts?
Every Child Counts is a campaign aimed at encouraging all political parties to put children at the centre of their policies. The campaign will coincide with the lead up to the 2005 general election.
Every Child Counts will stimulate public debate about the importance of children to New Zealand’s social and economic development.
We will focus on four key policy issues with the potential to significantly improve the health and wellbeing of New Zealand children, in the interests of improving the prosperity and security of all New Zealanders.
Every Child Counts is not party-political. We are working with all of the political parties, equally.

The key issues include child poverty, family violence, child health and support for parents. You can sign up as a supporter at their web site here as well as subscribe to a newsletter.

I’m continually challenged by Matt 25 – that those inside the community of faith will be judged according to how they respond to “moral issues” like child poverty and health.

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