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Hacking Endnote styles

Journal article requires citation format that isn’t one of the myriad available for EndNote. So rather than do it all by hand – and possibly botch something up – I’m going to attempt to create my first EndNote output style. Figure the time invested will be repaid if I ever have to write another article for this style.


  1. Tim

    Brave man! I hope it goes well. Actually it’s the quantity of fiddly work that puts most people off. Kirsten did one for the SBL manual of style, that seems to work right (though there was quite a bit of fiddling to do).

  2. Not brave, just grumpy. Someone should have done this before. The hard bit isn’t so much tinkering with EndNote but rather resolving ambiguities in the style guide – or complete absences like internet references. I’m having enough technological problems at the moment without having to worry about this.

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