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Acer PC “repaired”, software and data reloaded, and yet still not there. PC turns itself off after several hours. Not suspend, not hibernation, not graceful shutdown, just off. New CPU fan and heat sink to arrive today or on Monday. Hopefully the problem, which I originally thought was a fan but it seems we also had disk problems, will then be alleviated. When it’s running it goes like the wind now – disk access is much faster – but turning itself off at random isn’t part of the plan. No problems getting everything back on it – nice to see the backups + software reinstall was fairly trivial.

This was coupled with intermittent iBook problems (it’s not all the heaven portrayed here). After backing everything up on the iBook twice – research and email is critical – ran into problems with the disk. I’ll probably just reinstall a clean Jaguar to stabilize things.

On the off chance I dropped by Noel Leeming as I know they have Mac software in my local store. They can sell me the in-stock Mac OS X 10.3 for $329 or order me Tiger (10.4) for $269. Go figure that out – I’d have bought discounted and now obsolete Panther in a flash to move on from Jaguar (10.2) but doesn’t look like the price is flexible. I’d jump straight to Tiger but I’m concerned some of my other software critical to finishing the thesis would need upgrading turning a “simple” OS upgrade to access features of my existing software into a major upgrade of significant financial cost.

How much simpler it was in the days of my Powerbook 150 (Apple code name “Jedi”) – “the little laptop that could”. Just kept keeping on, keeping on.

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