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Random Friday afternoon links

Picked up the final issue of Reality magazine today which was a bit sad. It’s been a constant companion through the past 6 years or so, and there’s always been at least one article or letter that’s made it worth my while looking through it. I know a lot of the authors and how much effort they’ve put into it (along with Diane’s faithful editing), as well as many who have been challenged and encouraged by it. So it seems a shame that it’s gone “belly-up”. This month’s article “Enough is Enough?” by Mark Forman is a provocative look at Christians and wealth. It’s a shame there won’t be a next issue for some of the letters it will provoke. (I hope Mark has an asbestos suit)

Hopefully in the near future something similar to Reality will reappear in NZ – bridging the gap between the “newspaper-type” publications and more academic journals.


This week I’ve also picked up “The Mystical Mind: Probing the Biology of Religious Experience” by Eugene G. D’Aquili and Andrew B. Newberg in the sale pile at a bookshop. Part of the excellent Theology and the Sciences series out of Fortress Press and normally quite pricey here so I’m rapt with finding it.

And finally, Andrew Jones (AKA Tall Skinny Kiwi) looks to set the record straight about what actually is a Kiwi. See: Getting Your Kiwi’s Straight.


  1. I’m shocked – I didn’t realise Reality was shutting up shop *sob*. I used to subscribe but haven’t for the past year. I too hope that something else replaces it in the near future.

  2. Bugger! On two counts: (1) Was talking to Mark a while back so know REALITY was history (like you, I think it creates a big gap between “newspaper” and “academic journal). I can’t help think that given changes to the management, distribution, and marketing, it could have continued and provided a wonderful outlet for creativity, budding writers (of substance) etc; and (2) Bugger! I’ve been looking for the book you picked up on the sale table, but wasn’t willing to pay full price…

  3. It’ll be interesting to see if they keep the Reality web site ticking over. It’s not the best site in the world – the Java ticker at the top hates tabbed browsers – but it’s useful to have around.

    At the end of the day Reality needed better marketing and promotion, and possibly a mixed media approach – print & web complementing each other. Not only to attract subscripions but also to generate advertising. Maybe they needed someone like Rachel to generate an active community that would support it.

    My fear is that we’ll be left without a publication that looks at the breadth of “evangelical-type” faith and practice in the real world. Instead we’ll only get “fundygelical” stuff with no depth and lots of stridency, or small circulation denominational mags. What then does the “thinking Christian” read without going overseas and losing the NZ focus?

    BTW – Paul, you can borrow the book sometime. You’ll just have to come and get it over glass of “Black Brute.”

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