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Mental break Thursday

Took a bit of a mental break today and tripped into Auckland city centre today. Nice crisp day here so good for walking around town (not so good waiting on the station platform though) and I stomped around all my favourite book, music and DVD shops in town. Kim and Laura have birthdays coming up soon so I did a bit of browsing outside of my normal science fiction, theology and reference sections.

Then met up with Hobby, Bobby and Daniel (over from Tennessee) in the Borders cafe. Good to meet some people via the blog in the flesh. Good coffee and excellent company. Some of you out there in NZ might meet them on their tour down south. They identified me in Borders off the new School of Theology brochure that has some very brief profiles with photos of current students. (Full profile here)

The back home on the train and meeting up with the family for tea out after the kids all had their haircut. Christopher’s gone for the the Otago supporter look (his maternal grandmother’s team) prior to their game against the Lions on Saturday. One half of his hair is (mildly) spiked blue, the other a goldey-orange. Should make school interesting tomorrow.

Tomorrow looks like a day of filing and tidying. Time to find the desk under all the paper on it.

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