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Dotting the “i’s”, crossing the “t’s”

Working on the departmental PhD seminar I’m doing later this week – reworked title is “Being human by becoming gods? Transhumanism and imago Dei.” It’s been a slow road getting the talk done. When I did something similar just after I started this process/journey it was more about sketching the landscape – now it’s about not getting lost in the details that have been painted over time. Plus I’m tired from working on this project for so long. So many other interesting things just wanting to be looked at in my peripheral vision.

Oh, and another year rolled round on the PhD last week with the good, old annual report meeting. All things going well (and it looks like they are) I won’t be doing another one of those again. Nice to look back at the road travelled in the past year though.

I’m preparing a handout for the seminar with a list of books and resources on it. Might post part or all of it depending on how it goes (and what it looks like).

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