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Another thing crossed off the “To Do” list

Did my PhD seminar presentation “Being human by becoming gods? Transhumanism and the imago Dei” today so that’s another thing crossed off the “To Do” list. The seminar went okay, I think, and I got some good feedback and suggestions from people after it. The incomparable Philip Halstead preceded me with his excellent seminar “Forgiveness from the heart: A theological and psychometric study of adult children and their parents”, and he took the photo below. Philip is a man who knows the importance of good coffee and regularly delivers piping hot java to my cubicle in the Carey postgrad area.

I’ve uploaded the references part of the brief handout I gave out at the seminar. (SeminarRefs.pdf) Luckily I remembered to bring some speakers. The lecture room was wired for the DVD, VHS and PC-video but didn’t have an audio connection for the laptop.



  1. Hi Stephen, pleased it all went well for you. Have a good week.

  2. got any notes we could see from this? sounds fascinating.

  3. Nothing close to hand at the moment – the Powerpoint slides had chunks of the thesis embedded in the notes sections, as well as some images I was allowed to use in class but not online, so I won’t post that up here.

    There should be a journal article of mine on Transhumanism and Christian social concern published online in the near future. Covers some of the issues in the seminar. When that is live I’ll blog the web link.

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