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ImageTexT: Interdisciplinary Comics Studies

I’ve got several ideas running around in my head for academic articles relating to religion and comic books. But I’ve never really figured out where I could send them, nor read other examples of how people engage with comics at an academic level. Until now.

ImageTexT: Interdisciplinary Comics Studies

The objective of ImageTexT is to advance the academic study of comic books, comic strips, and animated cartoons. Under the guidance of an editorial board of scholars from a variety of disciplines, ImageTexT publishes solicited and peer-reviewed papers that investigate the material, historical, theoretical, and cultural implications of visual textuality. ImageTexT welcomes essays emphasizing (but not limited to) the aesthetics, cognition, production, reception, distribution and dissemination of comics and other media as they relate to comics, along with translations of previously existing research on comics as dimensions of visual culture. Exploring all periods and all countries, and deploying a wide range of disciplinary approaches, ImageTexT is designed to foster innovative discussions of the political and social implications of comics, to generate original formal aesthetic analyses of comics, and to broaden theoretical discussions of genre, period, narrative, and complex image/text relationships in comics and related media. ImageTexT will include reviews of current scholarship in the field, announcements regarding relevant conferences and upcoming publications, and links to other theoretical projects of interest to readers. ImageTexT will also provide currently unavailable English-language translations of seminal essays of comics theory. ImageTexT is listed in the MLA Bibliography, beginning summer 2005.

“Up, up and away!” so to speak.

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