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Living on the Boundaries – Evangelical Women, Feminism and the Theological Academy

Just received a copy for Living on the Boundaries – Evangelical Women, Feminism and the Theological Academy by Nicola Hoggard Creegan and Christine Pohl and published by IVP. Nicola is one of my PhD supervisors and I’m looking forward to reading the book over the next few weeks or so. Nicola’s off to AAR so I should be able to make a good start before she gets back. From the blurb,

What happens when evangelicalism meets feminism?

In their own biblical and theological training, Nicola Creegan and Christine Pohl have each lived at the intersection of these two movements They now both teach in Christian institutions of higher education where others follow along a similar pathway. They have a story to tell about their experience along with those of ninety other women they surveyed who have lived on the boundary between evangelicalism and feminism. They explore what it was like for evangelical women who pursued doctorates in biblical and theological studies. What were their experiences as they taught and wrote, were mentored and became mentors? What are the theological issues they faced, and how did they respond? How have they negotiated professional, family and church commitments? This well-informed, multidimensional and sensitive narrative of women’s experience will be illuminating for anyone involved in the academic theological world.

You can download a sample chapter from the link above.

The book will go next to Elouise Renich Fraser’s “Confessions of a Beginning Theologian” on the bookshelf. (See Greenflame: Beginning theologian)

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