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Creative Creatures

Picked up a copy of this the other day via inter-loan (all the way from Wichita State University). Contains a selection of essays looking at, among other things, co-creation and artificial intelligence. Most of the papers are short (5-10 pages) and don’t interact with the material to the depth of my own research (and nor should they given their length), but it’s encouraging to see that others have had similar (but different!) ideas. Not sure if any of the paper will get used in the thesis – well past the time for new material now.

I inter-loaned the book rather than buying it (even though it’s one of the few that touches on my thesis topic) because of the price: US$120 / UK£60. Seriously, books like this should move to a publish on demand or electronic media version. Given the limited appeal (and sales) that’d make access better and more people might buy it outside of institutions.

Görman, Ulf, Willem B. Drees, and Hubert Meisinger, eds. Creative Creatures: Values and Ethical Issues in Theology, Science and Technology. Issues in Science and Theology. London; New York: T & T Clark, 2005.

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