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Confessions of a Food Channel Viewer

I’m an avid watcher of cooking shows, and if some interesting sport or science fiction isn’t on you’re likely to find me watching (in the spare seconds I have in my life) something on Food TV, which shows a selection of from mostly the US, UK and Australian. (Way, way back in the dark ages of the internet I used to read everyday).

So imagine my delight to find that there as a whole lot of search plug-ins for Firefox that search cooking channels and recipe sites. See here for a list.

However, I still can’t see the appeal of Iron Chef America.


  1. scream…

    not a USA iron chef…

    i wouldnt watch it if it werent the original dubbed in a wanky american accent slightly comedic yet serious enough asian version…

  2. The only, and I mean only, possible redeeming feature of the show is that it features Alton Brown. I’m a big “Good Eats” fan (as are all of my kids). If only the DVD sets weren’t so expensive.

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