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RSS update

Inspired by jonnybaker: if you want me to read your blog posts… I have hacked the RSS feeds (both RSS1 & RSS2) to include the full content of blog posts. Been meaning to do it for a while now, but needed a push from somewhere to do it.

The resulting changes looked okay in NewNewsWire Lite but if any problems let me know. Of course, if there’s a significant problem you won’t be able to read this if you use a news aggregator/reader.

Did not touch the Atom feed. (Does anyone use it?)

As an aside, Blogger’s atom feeds seem to be painful in the newsreader all the time. Lack of titles, constantly refreshing the feed so I get large numbers of past feeds marked as new, etc. Almost makes me think twice before subscribing to someone’s Atom feed.


  1. Yeah, I use the atom feed, mainly cos I haven’t figured out how to do it any other way. Annoying, I know, especially when it does what you’ve described. If you have a link to user-friendly instructions on how to set up an RSS feed, feel free to email it. I have at least re-set atom to show the whole post…

  2. What do you read the atom feed in?

    And, the Atom feed is still around, just no link to it on the front page currently.

  3. Wizz rss newsreader, which I choose to have open as a popup – it was kinda the first one I came across, but, I suspect there are many better ways of doing it.

  4. I have Sage installed in Firefox which does the same sort of thing, but I use NetNewsWire Lite (Mac app) mostly.

    In Wizz you could subscribe to the RSS feed rather than the Atom one by going to the home page, opening Wizz and dragging the “Subscribe” link over into the Wizz window. Just tried it and it worked for me. (You’d then need to delete the Atom feed from Wizz).

    Always a good idea to periodically export your feed list to an OPML file (on the Options menu). Then if you change web news readers (to SAGE or Bloglines or …) you can simply import the OPML file into the new system. Also a good idea to have a backup should you need to recover your feed list.



  5. Achieved some of that, thanks.

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