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Hybrid, cyborgs and Christian motifs

Presented last night for the (semi-regular) meeting of the Auckland group of STAANZ (NZ systematic theology association) held at the Methodist Ministry Training Unit right in the centre of town.

The presentation came out of the final section of the thesis (and some random ideas that generated recently) and was entitled “Living in the borderlands : Cyborgs and the imago Dei”. Looked at the concept of hybridity that arises within contemporary technoculture, especially the clash of ontologies between organic and inorganic, human and non-human, artificial and natural, and asked the question of whether the Christian tradition has resources within it to engage with this world.

Good feedback (as always) from the group, and encouragement to continue pursuing this direction. The group is mixed across a range of spectra – denomination/tradition, conservative/liberal, male/female – which always generates interesting dialogue.


  1. Hi Stephen,

    Any chance of a non-attender geting an overview of your presentation? PPTs, Docs, MP3s, anything gratefully received!


    Mark Nichols.

  2. Hi Mark,

    Didn’t really use any presentation materials for the talk – it’s more of a fourm type discussion. I did use PPT to embed a few video clips and images in. The text was a draft of a section from the last chapter of the thesis which I’ll leave unpublished for the moment.

    I’ll post a new entry with links to some related material that I drew upon for the talk.

    Cheers, Stephen.

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