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Aching legs – age catches up with me

Soccer prize-giving today for the kids football club this morning, followed by the end of year BBQ at the club for one of the kids soccer teams. Sitting still for a couple of hours, followed by kids vs. parent touch rugby and soccer has left me hobbling a little – It was the glorious run down the left wing to score a try that did it. Reliving the speed of youth, followed by the painful reality of a sedentary lifestyle and advancing age. Good company, conversation, fun, food and drink – glimmers of the kingdom in unexpected places. The team and it’s associated parents, brothers and sisters, and other supporters becomes family-like.

One of the interesting things about the meeting today was finding out that the local Baptist church is a financial sponsor of the club through their community trust. This combines with their willingness for their property to be used for fundraising activities by the club – like kids’ discos. Nice feeling seeing them mentioned positively in the speeches, and good to see some of their visible input into the local community.

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