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Shame as a blunt instrument

In recent times I’ve seen the Christianity Today article Young, Restless, Reformed concerning the return by some to a more Calvinistic type of evangelicalism. For example, theobloby: Calvinism and Youth Ministry and Generous Orthodoxy ThinkTank: Young, Pastors, Male.

Because of the Generous Orthodoxy posting the pointed out that in the print edition there are more photos (which seem pretty much white and male) I went to have a look for myself. However, it was the following article in that issue of CT that I found more interesting.

In For Shame? Amy Laura Hall has a thought-provoking article on attitudes to single mothers in society and the church. Have a read. What attitudes do we have towards single parents, and solo mothers in particular? And do we use shame as a blunt instrument, when we should be thinking more of grace?

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