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Clearing the decks (and the desk)

End of the week. Handed my supervisors the last bit of the thesis and returned an excessive number of books (50+) to four different libraries around Auckland. Tried (and failed) to buy a digital camera, but picked up the latest GL, GL Corps and Ion comics in town.

Tomorrow, we’re off to the wedding of a couple of friends. Should be good.

And then we’re all off to the Riviera of the South Pacific (Christchurch) via the Heavenly City (Wellington) for a couple of weeks. A much needed break to catch up with friends and family, and to restore the our souls.


  1. Many congratulations! What a great feeling that is, eh? Bravo!

  2. Thanks for the congratulations. Actually, I’m too tired to feel elated about reaching a milestone on final run to completion, but it’s nice to look at the 100,000+ words in a pile on the desk. What with all the other dashing about to do today and tomorrow, there hasn’t been really any time to reflect on it. However, I imagine in a day or so, when I’m moving into holiday mode I’ll be more able to appreciate it.

    Really, really looking forward to submitting in the near future. Then I think you’ll hear a cheer (and deep sigh of relief) from the Antipodes.

    BTW – GL #14 played up all the stuff about Hal that winds me up – especially the American Air Force thing. Is Hal the new Guy? Plus it felt quite disjointed. Hopefully, they’ll pull a decent story out of it. Must have been a month for disjointed stories Ion and GL Corps also felt out of rhythm.

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