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Wedding and the indomitable Naomi

Rob and Jenny’s wedding was great. Nice and laid back, with a deep sense of peace and calm about it. A good day with good company, not the least Naomi (bridesmaid) who handled lots of the organization. Where are the pictures, I hear you ask?


  1. Naomi

    The photos are on your camera, Stephen. Which is where they are going to stay, dagnabit. Show us photos of your roadtrip instead. Your demographic aren’t interested in a wedding for crying out loud.

  2. I don’t know – maybe I should run a poll? Do people want to see Naomi in her bridemaid’s dress or the casual look post-reception? Maybe we could run Naomi Idol with voting?

    And with the miracle of Photoshop, there’s no reason why Naomi couldn’t be in the roadtrip pictures too. 🙂

    And just what is my demographic?

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