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Advent in the Antipodes

Pohutukawa TreeIt looks like it’ll be hot for Christmas Day, the kids are off for summer holidays, and things are closing down for an extended summer break. Must be Christmas in the Antipodes. Time to sing a few songs about Christmas in the summer, where there is no snow in sight and the Pohutukawas are blooming.

Of course, the classic running around my head for the past few days is John Clark’s One On a Tractor.

Others that capture the spirit of the season are Peter Cape’s New Zealand Christmas or Backblocks Nativity (originally titled Epiphany), and Shirley Murray’s An Upside Down Christmas. (More in the archives that those link to.)

And, if you can get your hands on a copy of Spirit in a Strange Land: A Selection of New Zealand Spiritual Verse, there are some good Advent poems in there too.

Have a good Christmas and New Year.

And now, off for some Christmas backyard cricket and barbecues…

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