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Paul Teusner on Heidi Campbell’s “Exploring Religious Community Online”

Hc 67105 CoverA while back I was skimming a couple of religion and media books (See Greenflame: Religion and computer-mediated communications), but I never got further than that with them. One of those books was Heidi Campbell’s “Exploring Religious Community Online: We are One in the Network” and now Paul has written a brief review of the book from his more informed position. See fishers, surfers and casters » Heidi Campbell’s Exploring Religious Community Online.

Now, let’s hope he will write one for Religion and Cyberspace, a collection of essays edited by Morten Hojsgaard and Margit Warburg.


  1. Isn’t hope a lovely thing?

  2. Yes, but you have to have it anyway.

    So, are you going to do a review of another book.

    As an aside, when I cleaned up my office before Christmas I came across Heidi Campbell’s CD of “The SCOT Project”, which I’d borrowed off one of my supervisors. Will whack it in the CD player and give it a listen.

  3. Not a bad little CD, worth a listen for the elctronica alone.

    Sure, flamey, will review a book for ya, but it won’t be for a while. Will have to read most of Religion and Cyberspace again as I only just skimmed through most of it, and that was a while ago.

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