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Amos 5:18

I have a date for my viva voce! (The oral defense of my thesis.) Feels like Amos 5:18 as I begin to prepare for it. But then, I’m sure all thesis students defending their work like this feel the same way, and in less than three weeks it’ll be behind me, regardless of the outcome.

Somewhat encouraged by the likes of Steve, Cathy, and all the others I know who’ve come through it unscathed(?).

And yes, I’m currently not talking to those who didn’t have to do one to get their PhD. 🙂


  1. Tim

    Great! Most vivas are not too stressful once they get underway – after all you know your stuff better than they do! Are there people (apart from those who got PhDs free with their breakfast cereals) who do not have vivas?

  2. From the Otago PhD guidelines, “An oral examination may be held on the recommendation of the examiners or the Convener or at the request of the candidate.”

    It may be policy of a department to always have one, but in practice you can just get the final result in the mail without having to defend it in person. Grrrr.

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