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Comic book movies – DC/Marvel

If you’re a comics fanboy or fangirl then this is quite amusing. (Even if you’re a DC fan like me)

Marvel, DC “I’m a Mac” Parody

Fairly true, though I think (if we ignore the recent ‘The Batman’ animated series) that the DC/Warner animated Justice League, Batman and Superman series worked pretty well on the small screen. And the Teen Titans theme song is a favourite to sing along to in the car with the kids.

I watched Spider-Man 2 the other day in preparation for going to see the new Spider-Man movie at some point. Both Spider-Man 1 & 2 capture, I think, the tragedy inherent in the character of Peter Parker/Spider-Man that is in the comic books. None of the boosterism of Superman, nor the darkness of a Batman seeking to make sure no child loses his parents like he did. Just trying to live with the guilt of not doing good when one could have, and having no choice about being who he is, and entangled with who he is. An everyman in other words. All the other Marvel movies didn’t get it quite right, but S-M 1 & 2 did, I think. Which doesn’t bode well for S-M 3. Could this be Schumacher’s “Batman and Robin” to Burton’s “Batman”?

There’s more on comic book movies as morality plays lurking in the Greenflame Comics archives, I think.

I think the Flash, Green Lantern and Justice League movies could be done well, but I’m not convinced they would be (See here for a JL movie that didn’t work). I’d really like to see a GL movie set in space (not here on Earth), maybe in the manner of a Western where the marshall/ranger is sent in to do a job (with associates like Texas Rangers?). More humanity, perhaps, and less of the Earth (except to bracket the start and end). The weaknesses inherent in the GL ring would allow that in the character development.

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