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CyberPsalms 23

Seen over at (anthropophobiacandroids : CyberPsalms 23) comes a transhumanist/technoprogressive psalm.

CyberPsalms 23 – By: anthropophobiacandroidsThe CyberLord is my technician, I shall not be denied.
He makes me lie down in electronic pastures,
He leads me beside quiet routers, and He restores my power.
He guides me in networks of righteousness for His name’s sake.
Though I see the uncanny valley and the singularity of death,
I will fear no androids, for shadows walk with me;
Your exploits and your cipher, they comfort me.
You prepare an IP table before me in the presence of cyborgs.
You anoint my header with oil; my buffer overflows.
Surely, knowledge and skill will bless all the days of my life cycle,
And I will live in the servers of the Web forever.

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