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CultthemesalbumOut shopping for birthday presents at the weekend when I stumbled across a copy of Cult Themes – ITV 50 – Classic TV Show Theme Tunes which somehow had to find it’s way into the shopping basket. Some of the tracks are the original TV themes music, others are very good covers (not some guy in his garage with a synthesizer). I’m not particularly interested in many of the non-UK shows (though the Mission Impossible track seems a good rendition), but I’ve been looking for a copy of the Stingray theme music for a while now and there it was (along with the extended version of the UFO theme complete with clicking teletypes).

Listening to the CDs begged the question – did the BBC release a CD with the various incarnations of the Doctor Who theme? There are various MP3 clips over at BBC – Doctor Who – Sounds but no theme music.

Oh, and I’m really enjoying Season 3 of Doctor Who which is finally playing here. Nice to see the Season 2 episode ‘Girl in a Fireplace’ pick up a Hugo Award, and I’ll be trying and track down a copy of my favourite Doctor Who (Tom Baker) story Pyramids of Mars to watch again. Spent most of those four episodes watching it from behind the couch, if my memory serves me right. Far more creepy in places than similar Stargate episodes.


  1. I have Pyramids of Mars on VHS. Be happy to loan/swap you for something. Wonder what the shipping would be between our two distant parts of the world?

  2. admin

    Thanks for the offer, Ernesto. I’m fairly sure the video/DVD rental shop walking distance from our house has the DVD for Pyramids, so I’ll probably go with that. Also eliminates the bizarreness that happens sometimes playing NTSC tapes in this part of the world.

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