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Practical reflection upon one’s faith

Recently I’ve been thinking frequently about the place of practical theological reflection by those in the church who have no time or energy for formalized theological study programmes but still have a desire to integrate their faith in the real world. The practical outworking of faith in ways that connect with their stage and place in life brought about by, not only intellectual engagement, but also integration in a community that challenges and encourages people. With this in mind I was interested to see the following in the past couple of days.

Firstly, Mark Stevens over at Welcome to the Emergent Pilgrim Blog: From the Seminaries to the Pews reflects a bit upon the recent article From the Seminaries to the Pews | Christianity Today | A Magazine of Evangelical Conviction.

And then over at the Deep Church project blog a post on A deep church curriculum….

I’m still thinking about the gap between things like Alpha-type endeavours, Sunday sermons and prewritten Bible studies, and the more formalized (and costly, in terms of money and time) certificate, diploma and degrees courses run out of seminaries, Bible Colleges and like. What kings of things would fit there?

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