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Starting Advent

25As part of a low-key celebration of Advent here at home we normally have an Advent calendar that the children take turns at updating each day (or having an Advent candle burn down a marked section each day). Finding an Advent calendar that isn’t loaded with chocolate or associated with a television programme or movie can be pretty hard, so a few years back I found a reasonable one (in a post-Christmas sale) that told bits of the Christmas story by turning a central cardboard dial each day to reveal the next passage of Scripture.

Now, while that calendar was much better at telling the story than your average ‘Finding Nemo’ or ‘Shrek’ Advent calendar, some of the Scripture passages it had were a little odd (especially taken out of the context of the wider passage) and after 3 years or so of using it, it was time for a change.

So I was interested in Jonny Baker’s post – 25 new from si smith – advent comic, calendar and flatpack models which pointed through to Proost – 25 Advent Comic and Calendar (PDF Download), which looked interesting.

So I’ve downloaded the advent calendar package (not really interested in the models, so didn’t get those) and each day we’re taking the next day’s cartoons and putting them in a multi-pocket clear-file that the kids can flip through over the Advent period. There are blanks left in speech bubbles for you to add your own words (which the kids are supplying) and we get to talk about the story as we go and recap it when we add a new page. Plus, if your children like coloring in pictures like my daughter there is scope for doing ‘exegesis with crayons’.

Early days so far, but it looks like it’ll work well.

On a related note – the kids have also enjoyed Nicholas Allan’s “Jesus’ Christmas Party” with the cutout manger scene and figures for retelling the story.

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