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Have people stopped singing in church?

Interesting post by Andii Bowsher on the place (and decline?) of singing in churches, perhaps generated by the development of a performance/consumption culture around music within church services. Something I’ve been wondering about recently, especially in the way ‘worship culture’ shapes not only our ecclesiology but also the physical form of worship spaces through the ages. (The displacement of the cross or crucifix at the front of a church by projector screens or display monitors being one aspect of that in contemporary times).

Andii’s post is at: Have people stopped singing in church?

Also see this related article a student alerted me to:

  • Goodliff, Andrew. ‘It’s all about Jesus: a critical analysis of the ways in which the songs of four contemporary worship Christian songwriters can lead to an impoverished Christology”. Evangelical Quarterly, 81, no. 3 (2009): 254-268. (Available here)
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