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Game of 2014 – 7 Wonders

IMG_2733Top of the pile of games in the lounge is Repos Production’s 7 Wonders, a game we came across back in April through friends at church. After a couple of games at their place we bought it the next day and it’s been a favourite all year. In it’s favour are:

  • Being able to be played with 6 players without needing expansions. (Big tick when we have 6 + others wanting to play a game).
  • Rule are reasonably straight-forward.
  • Everyone’s turn takes place at the same time – no waiting for 5 other players before your turn.
  • Different ways to win.
  • Set up is relatively quick and the game takes a relatively short time to play given it’s a set number of rounds.


Photos from that first game.


We’ve picked up some expansions for it, but to be honest I prefer the vanilla game. Overall though, probably an 8/10 and definitely the game of 2014. Wondering what 2015’s game will be.

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