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Boardgame(s) – Alhambra family


Next up on the games shelf are the Alhambra family of games from Alhambra family of games from Queen Games. Alhambra is a tile-placing game where you purchase tiles on your turn to place on your own (hopefully) growing city and scoring points by having more of particular city tiles than other players. The basic rules are quick to pick up, though the occasional tile placing rules trip people up from time to time (e.g. moving a piece out of a repository). 

Alhambra has a pile of expansions (6 so far), as well as spawning various standalone games such as ‘Gardens of Alhambra’, ‘Alhambra: The Dice Game’, ‘Alhambra: The Card Game’, and new games such as ‘Grenada’ and ‘New York’.

Each of us has particular expansions we like, and once (see below) we attempted as many (4) as we had all at once, which took a very long time to play and to score.



By 2015 our collection of Alhambra games has grown to the set below and it’s all played with regularly with family and visitors.

IMG 2738

The game play for Alhambra is described here in this video. There is also a version for tablets but we haven’t tried that yet.

More on the game over at: Alhambra | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

NZ detail at: Alhambra – PixelPark

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